Lamorinda Babysitters

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How It Works

WHy you should you use a service?

Lamorinda Babysitters is a local babysitter finder service that connects individuals and families in Lamorinda with experienced and reliable babysitters. Excellent customer service is our goal.  
We want our sitters to be the solution for your babysitting needs.  Why use a service? At a low cost fee we try to find the sitter for you.  You can let us know which sitters were a great fit for your family in the past and we will try and book them first.  If they aren't available for the date we have a number of sitters to contact. The service is convenient for busy families to schedule sitters online. We can find a sitter while you are busy at work, in a meeting or driving the kids to activities. 

We do all the work for you! Whether you need a one time sitter or someone to care for your children several days a week on a regular basis, Lamorinda Babysitters are here to work for you in finding babysitter match
for your family. We also provide babysitters for weddings and special events.

How to get started...
Take a few minutes for the 3 Steps. As soon as we receive your online  1.Family Registration and 
2. Family Agreement
and 3. Payment for Registrationyour family information will be input into our system for any future any requests. We will use your preferences on file to find a sitter, you can fill out a profile update anytime. Family Registration process fee is a $22 fee. It's important to get this form done NOW so that when you need a sitter we know what to look for.

Now that your Family is in the system

All you have to do is make your request here at the website and we take care contacting a reliable, sitter for your specific time request and needs.  You will be notified via email as soon as we receive your request and your payment goes through.  Your credit card on file will be charged the low finders fee of $10-$15 (except holidays and busy school event nights, see rates below).

You will be notified again via email as soon as we find a sitter and your booking will be confirmed
Your booking confirmation email will have your babysitters information.
​Your Feedback helps all our families: 

Once a sitter is approved and accepted into the Babysitting team they are
referred to our members on a job to job basis.  Continual feedback is gathered from families like you and added to sitter's profile. Many of our young sitters are learning the ropes and its good to let them know what families enjoyed and what they should work on for future jobs.

Last minute emergency requests...
It happens to everyone. Your sitter or nanny is sick and cancels and you have to be at a meeting in 2 hours. Process an online request form.  Text name and times needed for immediate help.  We will start working immediately to match you with an available sitter.  There is no minimum time frame to request a sitter.  We can't guarantee we will find someone but we will do the best to fill your babysitting needs.  
Placement Fees...
One Time Placement
$10 with a 24+ hours notice
$15 with less than 24 hours notice. 
$20 Holiday Parties, School Events/Fundraiser nights
Text if your need is within the next 12 hours.

Consecutive days for 1-2 weeks only We will look for a sitter to fill in for your present daily or weekly sitter who may be ill or away.  Also if you are leaving town on a trip and need help while you are away. Placement charge $40

NO Season placement
We are not doing seasonal placements any longer. We feel this is a better fit for a nanny service.
We feel we excel with are a short term babysitter finder service.

​Placement Fees
All Placement fees do not include the babysitting hourly payments you pay directly
to the babysitters. Placement fee is charged once a sitter is found, this is non-refundable
even if the client cancels. Payment for our services can be processed with a credit card on file.