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CPR & First aid a plus: 

Always a bonus with parents especially with young children.  These classes can be taken with Red Cross.  We will have Red Cross do aspecial class for Lamorinda Babysitters if we have enough sitters that want to take the class.  This class will be paidfor directly by each sitter. You can also sign up at to take class and let us know if you have taken the class by sending a copy of your certification card.

Pay recommendations:

Mommy helpers (parent usually around) $5-$8 hour  11-14 years

High school $10-$12 hour  14 - 18 years

college /adult $12-$15  18 - up years adult  

While many private and public schools do require school uniforms, many do not. But that doesn't mean anything goes. For the most part, schools ask the students follow the general guidelines below.

We ask the same of our sitters:

Avoid clothing with vulgar words, sayings or illustrations. Avoid skirts or shorts that are short enough to reveal buttiocks when playing with children or engaging in activities. Avoid clothing that is too tight or sexually suggestive clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal underwear, cleavage.

Babysitter Rules:

1. Never leave a child alone. 

2. Be sure to get the parents permission for anything you are unsure of.

​3. Never put a child in a car without parent authorization.  Make sure to abide by all seatbelt and child seat laws.  All Children under the age of 8 must be in a car seat.  All children must sit in the back of the car until age 12.  You are the one that will pay the price with traffic ticket not the parents or the children. 

​4. Many children at this age will test your boundaries.  As soon as you let them take advantage of you "being nice" they know they can convince you to "break the rules".

​5.  FInal impression: Clean up with the kids.  Make sure all toys and activities used during babysitting are put away properly so the parents don't come home to a mess.  This means a lot to a busy parent. 

​6. Ask the parents 3 activities that the kids like to do. 

Find out what things need to be done while the parents are out.  (Homework, music practice, shower, eating, clean room, fold laundry). 

7.  We ask that all families (clients) book you through the company.  If a clients calls you ask them to book through the website and ask for you.  The clients pay us a finders fee directly when we book you for each babysitting job.  This way if you are not available we can get them a back up sitter.  This is why our company was started.  It's hard for busy parents to take the time to call everyone they know to find a sitter.  

If you keep your bookings through us it will not cost you anything but you will stay on our call sheet as a Lamorinda Babysitter.  If you make the choice to take return babysitting jobs from our clients without our services you will be removed from our call sheet for all families babysitting needs.  


Thank you for your interest in becoming a babysitter foLamorinda Sitters.  
Lamorinda babysitters connects you with families in the area for one time babysitting jobs.
You work as an independent contractor and not an employee of Lamorinda Babysitters. 
Allowing you to determine your own pay rate and keep all the money you get paid.  Your pay rate must be set and disclosed to the client before the time of babysitting. 
We have pay rate suggestions to help get multiple jobs.

Lamorinda Babysitters gets paid a flat fee by the client for finding the babysitter each time they need one. Please have all clients contact Lamorinda Babysitters direct to book you for a job. They can request you as the sitter. This way you can stay on our call list for multiple families babysitting needs.

If families like you as one of their regular sitters they will add you to their favorites list and we will call you first when they contact us for a sitter.

If the above information is possible please proceed with the application. 

Online application to be a sitter